The Scotch Cabinet

If you look at the main menu for this site, you should see a link called “The Scotch Cabinet”. This area is currently under construction, but will soon be populated with my own take on the bottles of scotch that I currently own. I’m excited about this, because I absolutely love scotch, but also because I love yo hear what other people recommend. Shortly, I hope to have a place where you can comment your favorite scotches, and recommend adding specific bottles to my cabinet. I am excited to get new recommendations, so in the mean time, just post them in a comment below!

-Anderson Ryle


2 thoughts on “The Scotch Cabinet

  1. Ahhhh, Scotch. The summer I turned 21, not that I didn’t imbibe prior to that, proved to be a lesson in practicality. It just ain’t practical to go out every night until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and then get up at 6:00 to go to work. Oh, and drink mass quantities of Scotch while burning the candle at both ends. It took until well into July for the lining of my stomach to teach me that lesson. Little food, little sleep and waaaay too much booze put an otherwise healthy and in shape 21 year old on his ass. Haven’t touched Scotch since. Now, a good tumbler of Bourbon…


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