Guest post on “Let it Come From the Heart”

Big thank you to Laura Marie Clark and her blog “Let it come from the heart” for posting my short story “Savage Country”.

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Great Noir Books – Playback

“Guns never settle anything,” I said. “They are just a fast curtain to a bad second act.” – Phillip Marlowe, Playback

Raymond Chandler has a timeless style of writing prose. His words fly off the page just like you are watching a 1940’s humphrey bogart film. Philip Marlow is one of my all-time favorite detectives in fiction, both film and print. He is a flawed hero, with an insatiable drive to understand the truth, and a weakness for women with long legs in sheer stockings.


In Playback, Marlowe is hired by an unknown entity to tail a redhead (who goes by many names) of which he knows nothing about. After seeing her get leaned on by a two-bit blackmailer, he decides that he would like to help the redhead if he can. But as the story spirals into secrets, conspiracies, and murder, will she let him?

One of the things that I loved about this book is the Femme Fatale is impenetrable. It is impossible to decipher her motives and her actions. She flip flops between telling Marlow to get out of her life and suggesting they run away together.

The book is a quick read, coming in right around 50,000 words, it can be finished in a single rainy day. I am currently working my way through one of Raymond Chandler’s more well known books, The Big Sleep; so fingers crossed for more rainy days!

-Anderson Ryle



Ok, so after a couple of weeks, it is clear that the free promotional campaign had no lasting effect on sales. Don’t be fooled by that one red blip at the end, that was a buy and return, so I didn’t get paid for that.


  1. Free promotional can get your ebook in the hands of readers. Even this very obscure article on a very obscure topic was downloaded 15 times due to a free promo.
  2. Free downloads does not necessarily translate to paid downloads. It would seem that you need to hit some critical mass of downloads and reviews before the free promo really helps move your ebook.
  3. Maybe doing five solid days of free promo was not ideal. There was definitely a drop off in downloads throughout the 5 day period. Maybe next time i will do one or two days at a time.

I would love to hear what kind of results other indie writes have gotten from their kindle promotional. Let me know in the comments.

-Anderson Ryle

The Back Doors of Fancy Places – Live


TheBackDoorsToFancyPlaces-FINAL-SmlResA woman with a green cigarette, a murder with no body, and a mysterious catamaran named the ‘Midnight Sun’. The private eye’s past cases come back to haunt him as he realizes that they are more entangled than he could have ever guessed.

-The Back Doors of Fancy Places is a dark short story that explores many quintessential noir themes, and it is available now as a kindle ebook on!

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I’m super excited to have this short story available, and I hope to find time to write some more noir soon. If you are interested in this story, but would like to see a bit of my writing, I would recommend reading some of the short stories that I have posted on this blog: Newspaper NoirThe DeveloperSavage Country

If you like what you read here, please get a copy of The Back Doors of Fancy Places, and leave me a comment here to let me know how you liked it.

-Anderson Ryle