Ok, so after a couple of weeks, it is clear that the free promotional campaign had no lasting effect on sales. Don’t be fooled by that one red blip at the end, that was a buy and return, so I didn’t get paid for that.


  1. Free promotional can get your ebook in the hands of readers. Even this very obscure article on a very obscure topic was downloaded 15 times due to a free promo.
  2. Free downloads does not necessarily translate to paid downloads. It would seem that you need to hit some critical mass of downloads and reviews before the free promo really helps move your ebook.
  3. Maybe doing five solid days of free promo was not ideal. There was definitely a drop off in downloads throughout the 5 day period. Maybe next time i will do one or two days at a time.

I would love to hear what kind of results other indie writes have gotten from their kindle promotional. Let me know in the comments.

-Anderson Ryle


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